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Balloon Bang!

A switch, mouse and keyboard accessible game.

Free online version

Press the Space Bar, Enter or the Left Mouse Button to inflate the balloon. How close can you get to the pin before the balloon bursts? Great as a game of dare for two players!


  • change the background colour
  • change the balloon colour.
The Space Bar and Enter will also activate the Play button within the game so switch users can play independently.

Press M to return to the menu.

Why doesn't the free version fill the screen?

Balloon Bang

play online

newApp version

Balloon Bang has been updated with new features and new graphics as an Android app. Please see our Apps page for details...

Desktop Download version

Same as online demo, not the app.

  • standalone, full screen version for Windows
  • browser version which will play full screen for any platform that supports Adobe Flash.


This program is available as a digital download, and will play on any system that runs the Adobe Flash Player.

The recommended minimum screen size is 800 x 600.

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